If you need further evidence to prove that there’s no hiding from the internet, here’s a story about how Twitter has helped a zoo in Washington, D.C. catch a runaway red panda.

On Monday, zoo officials took to social media to ask Washington residents to aid them in the hunt for the missing red panda.  The city responded, and Rusty—the name of the fleeing red panda—was found touring D.C.’s Adams-Morgan neighborhood.

Purportedly, the zoo’s original tweet urging people to help was re-tweeted 3,000 times in the first hour.  Rusty was acquired just three weeks prior in the zoo’s match making effort with a female named Shama.

According to zoo officials, Rusty is safe and is heading back to the National Zoo.  It is unclear how Rusty managed to escape, but for the time being panda lovers (even if it’s red) can thank Twitter and social media for their contribution to finding the lost raccoon relative.

We of course still have a question for the zoo, did Rusty’s first date with Shama go so badly that Rusty had to flee the zoo to and seek shelter in another neighborhood?


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