Forget about using external link shorterners like soon: Twitter has announced that they will be providing a similar service for their users.

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Because of Twitter’s 160-character limit, users who wanted to post URLs to other sites usually make use of URL shortening services to truncate and shrink down such links into something a lot more smaller and ‘squeezable’ in a Twitter message. Ironically, Twitter did not have its own link shortener service when it launched, thus third-party shorterners like enjoyed widespread usage.

However, the landscape for such third-party shorterners looks set to change, as Twitter CEO Evan Williams has confirmed in a Q & A session that Twitter is planning to launch its own link shortening service, saying that “it would be stupid not to add native link-shortening capabilities into Twitter”, especially since most Twitter clients already have such a feature built in.

“We want to solve that problem,” he said. “Everyone else has solved that problem. We are probably not going to give people a choice. If they want to use a different shortener, they can use a different app.”

While it may seem that will be affected, the impact of such a decision remains to be seen. TechCrunch is speculating that even if Twitter drops it, various Twitter clients may still have a use for, and might even be picked up by brands like Amazon and the New York Times if it proves to be the better solution. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: TechCrunch