Ordering a new Mac Pro online now doesn’t guarantee shipping before March.


Apple may be facing production issues with the Mac Pro, or perhaps there’s just too much demand and not enough units to go around. The company met its deadline of getting the units out before the end of 2013, but since then the supply has been very tight. Soon after the new Mac Pro was launched and made available for purchase online, shipping estimates provided by the online Apple Store slipped into February. Now, ordering a unit from the U.S. online Apple Store means that customers will have to wait until March at the very least to receive units.

Its not just the U.S. that’s affected by supply problems. Last week it was reported that quite a few other countries, supported by the online store, were also seeing shipping estimates well into March. Various countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia are having to deal with inadequate supply. There’s little to no inventory available at third-party retailers, while stock at Apple’s own retail stores appears to be limited as well.

However, it is possible that shipping estimates may decrease within the next couple of weeks, if production continues without any problems. So far Apple hasn’t said anything about what might be causing supply issues, or if there are any supply issues to begin with.