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Ubuntu’s #1 bug is fixed, Mark Shuttleworth thanks Android and iOS

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has declared that we can now consider the ‘personal computing’ market as having a ‘healthy’ amount of competition.  Shuttleworth’s #1 bug, which remained unfixed for almost a decade, was that Windows dominated all other OS, but apparently that bug is now squashed and thrown out.

In particular, Shuttleworth credits Android and iOS for snagging away Windows shares and promoting a ‘broad market’ where PCs include more than just desktops and laptops.

“Android may not be my or your first choice of Linux, but it is without doubt an open source platform that offers both practical and economic benefits to users and industry. So we have both competition, and good representation for open source, in personal computing,” Shuttleworth writes.

Ubuntu, Shuttleworth admitted, didn’t play a major role in causing the shift of shares, but he noted that from their perspective “the bug is now closed” thanks to the onslaught of Microsoft competitors.

While Shuttleworth’s bug report seemed enthused that Windows is declining in some areas, he also mentions that Microsoft has contributed to the rise of a new era of PCs, cloud computing in particular.

“…[T]he Microsoft IAAS team are both technically excellent and very focused on having ALL OS’s including Linux guests like Ubuntu run extremely well on Azure, making them a pleasure to work with. Perhaps the market shift has played a role in that. Circumstances have changed, institutions have adapted, so should we.”

Outmaneuvering Windows will require more strategizing from all its competitors, but it’s clear that Windows no longer hold a sharp dagger.  Canonical is pushing to have a full-featured desktop OS version of Ubuntu available for smartphones and other mobile devices soon.  It is predicted that in the next several years, almost everyone in the world will own a smartphone, and Ubuntu might just be the go-to platform if Ubuntu Touch gets developed fast enough.


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