GAME is offering a special bundle for UK gamers that packs Sony’s next-gen PS4 with a PS Vita handheld to afford a complete PlayStation experience.


Right now the UK-based retailer is currently taking pre-orders for the Ultimate PS4 Bundle, which is valued at £599.96–which is a bit steep, but it offers savings (approximately £40)  to gamers who are looking to pick up a Vita along with the console.

The Ultimate PS4 Bundle comes complete with a PS4, a Wi-Fi-enabled PS Vita (I know, we’re disappointed it’s not 3G), a 14-day trial of PS Plus, and four different games split up between the two platforms: Knack & LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes for the PS4, and Tearaway coupled with Little Big Planet for the handheld.

The PS Vita comes with a 16GB memory card–a nice size to hold some of the free games with PS Plus (assuming you keep the subscription of course) and a handful of games and media. And of course there’s Remote Play between the PS Vita and the PS4, and both console games included in the bundle are compatible.

GAME PS4 Bundle

If you’re wanting to keep your PS Plus subscription after the trial period, be sure to check our recent coverage–you can snag a year of Sony’s premiere online subscription for just $29.99 on Black Friday.

Additionally it appears Sony hasn’t stamped their official seal on this bundle–it seems to be offered specifically by GAME–other retailers might follow suit overseas in the West. GAME hasn’t revealed any official details regarding a launch/delivery date of the Ultimate PS4 Bundle, however they have announced it’s guaranteed for Christmas.

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