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UK teenager solves the secret of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube

Bryan Henderson–a teenager from Scotland–has smashed the final cube of Peter Molyneux's enigmatic puzzle app Curiosity. For solving the Curiosity cube Henderson has been awarded the role as an all-powerful deity in Molyneux’s upcoming “god game” Godus, where he will reign over the game’s online community.

Peter Molyneux's mobile app/game Curiosity–What's Inside the Cube? has been on the market for half a year now, and since it was released millions of gamers and puzzle aficionados have been fueled by curiosity and have chipped away at the 25 billion "cubelets" featured in the app. 

Throughout the recent months, Molyneux has motivated gamers by lamenting that the first person to solve the Curiosity cube would earn a reward that is “life-changing in any measurable way", and even his own wife and children didn't know what the prize entailed.

Say hi to Bryan Henderson, resident deity of Peter Molyneux's next game Godus.

Earlier today Peter Molyneux revealed in a Tweet that a teenager from Edinburgh, Scotland named Bryan Henderson has smashed the final cube of Curiosity, making him the first gamer to solve the game and learn what's inside of the enigmatic and cryptic cube.

Not only has Henderson solved the puzzle that has kept gamers all over the world busy for weeks upon weeks, but he also reveals that he isn't a veteran of the game and actually won just an hour after he registered for the first time:

“People are going to hate me for this,” Henderson said in a recent phone interview with Wired.com, but I only registered for the game earlier this morning, about an hour before I won the thing.”

As a reward for breaking open the Curiosity cube, Henderson will be given the opportunity to play a pivotal role in Molyneax's upcoming "god game" Godus, which gives deity-like powers to gamers in a way similar to Sim City type games.

Henderson will be featured as Godus' resident deity who reigns over every player, and the Scotland native is working alongside 22Cans and Molyneux to incorporate his own brand of morals and rules that help shape the game as a whole.

Apart from being a god in Godus, Henderson will also be awarded some cash for cracking the Curiosity cube:

“Every time people spend money on Godus, [the winner] will get a small piece of that pie.” –Peter Molyneux

Molyneux has also revealed that there were 30,000 other players working on the last cube, but Henderson was the one who finished it off. Henderson says that he never spent any actual money on the game and that he was just casually tapping away when all of a sudden a patch updated, and he realized he won.

Will Henderson set the world on fire, or will he be a benevolent deity? Only time will tell!

As far as Henderson's actual influence in Godus, Molyneux has been somewhat vague, and details remain unclear as to the limits of Henderson's virtual powers…but he will nonetheless remain an integral part of the game, and may in fact have quite a bit of control over an entire online community of gamers.

It will be interesting to see how much power the teenage gamer has in the virtual world of Godus, and how he uses it to influence others in the community.

Will he be dastardly and burn half of the world on a whim when he's angry, or will he promote peace when he's feeling jolly? We'll have to wait until Godus is released to be sure, but until then be sure to check out the details in Molyneux's newly released video.

Via Wired

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