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Uniscope XC2 goes official, sports 5-inch Full HD screen, impressive cameras and playful design

5-inch Full HD phones were rare six or nine months ago, but they can be now found basically at every street corner. Still, it’s not easy to score a 5-incher with an ultra-crisp display, decent processor, cool cameras and low price, so the Uniscope XC2 should grab some of your attention.

Uniscope XC2

Also known as the W1231, this big guy is official and headed “soon” to the Chinese smartphone market, but sadly there are no words on pricing or an exact release date yet. Given it doesn’t come from a high-profile OEM though, my bet is it will cost 300 bucks tops, which would be quite the bargain considering its impressive list of features.

Where should I start? Well, I already gave away the display’s size and resolution, so that’s that. But it’s not the only XC2 strong point. Not even close. The thing also comes with 2 full gigs of RAM and 32 GB of on-board storage, plus microSD support.

The processing power is unlikely to blow your socks off, but we know very well a quad-core MT658T CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz can perform decently all-around. The dual cameras should perform more than decently, as they boast a 13 MP Sony sensor on the back and an unusually high 5 megapixel on the front (duckfaces incoming!).


Uniscope has unfortunately chosen to not disclose XC2’s battery size for the time being, which is never a good sign. And considering the phone is fairly thin, at 8.4 mm, I’m really worried autonomy is going to be a big problem and cancel most of this baby’s benefits.

Oh, well, at least the thing looks gorgeous on the outside, rocking super-slim bezels and an overall playful, teenage-attracting design, with bright colored back covers and sexy curves. And I know some of you will simply don’t have the heart to say no to such a snazzy-looking device. Am I right or am I right?

Via [GizChina]

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