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Unity 3D game engine goes free for indie Android and iOS devs, coming soon to WP and BB10

Unity 3D is one of the most popularly used game engines around. For those who don't know, game engines are a platform that kick start game development and provide an environment for the same. Unity is now free for all indie devs. Additionally the game engine is being ported to work on Windows Phone and BB10 as well.

If you play games on your iOS or Android powered device, chances are you've played a number of titles all powered by this easy-to-use yet powerful engine. Up until now, developers had to pay $800 dollars for publishing a paid title on mobile platforms. This restriction was officially removed at the Unite Nordic conference in Malmo, with the formal announcement coming from the company CEO David Helgason himself.

"There are no strings attached, no royalties and no license fees" as posted on the Unity 3D blog. From now on, indie developers have to pay nothing (nil, nada) to Unity for developing games using their 3D game engine and selling them on Android and iOS (WP and BB10 soon). In addition, the company will add full support for Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8 platforms, which spells good news for both platforms, as this might just be that turning point after which more and more games will get ported to these platforms.

Bear in mind that companies with a turnover in excess of a $100,000 still have to buy licenses and pay royalties to Unity. Of course if a company earned so much they shouldn't really have a problem buying a license. In addition, David Helgason announced that all developers who purchased basic add-ons (ones which are now free) in the past 30 days will receive discounts on future purchases. Windows and Mac Users can update their copy of Unity by clicking on Manage License / Check for Updates from the Help menu and Unity menu respectively.

Check out the new video released by the Unity team here:

Source: Unity3D Blog via Pocket Gamers

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