Unity Technologies Japan introduces Unity-chan, its upcoming cute little mascot character, and her entire 3D data is completely free to download.


Unity may not be a household name in tech, but this 3D game engine is the one responsible for many of the 3D apps and games that we enjoy today. Soon, however, it might get a significant boost in recognition, thanks to none other than its upcoming official mascot, Unity-chan.

The idea behind the creation of Unity-chan was simple, as simple as the development of other cute mascot characters for corporate entities as of late: “tactical” marketing. But she won’t just be Unity’s cute advertising and marketing medium. Unity Technologies Japan developed a complete set of downloadable 3D data to bring her to life. And it’s not just some pre-set model data mind you, because she’s at your entire disposal with complete HD motion data, expressions, and even a character voice (in Japanese of course).




There are of course several conditions and guidelines to be met before you can bring her into your own Unity Engine-built 3D landscapes. However, being that she’s free to download and use means that game developers  can promptly include her into their games, either as an extra character, a guest cameo player, or even as major character.


Other activities related to Unity-chan’s development and promotion are detailed in her own blog, which unsurprisingly can be found at her official homepage. The download links for her 3D data can also be found there.

Source: 4Gamer (JP), Unity Japan