Popular game development engine Unity3D will soon support Microsoft’s next-generation console – the Xbox One – along with mobile OS Windows Phone 8, and the desktop / tablet-oriented Windows Store. Details after the jump!

unity 3d xbox one

The news comes straight from the official Unity3D Blog where CEO – David Helgason – happily announces the strategic partnership between his company and Microsoft with which Unity engine licensees will be able to develop games for Xbox One, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store, in addition to the more than dozen consoles, desktop and mobile platforms it already supports:

Today at Microsoft’s annual Build conference, a strategic partnership was announced between Unity and Microsoft. That means support for their rather badass upcoming Xbox One and much more.

windows phone 8 store unity 3d

Developers with a Unity Pro 4 license will be able to port their games with minimal effort to the aforementioned platforms when support is included later this year. Xbox One support will include features to make use of next-generation features like Kinect 2.0, multiplayer matchmaking, Xbox SmartGlass apps and more!

All in all, Unity is now the game engine for modern game developers. From major mobile and desktop platforms to all three next generation consoles – Unity3D has got you covered!

via Polygon