During NVIDIA’s 6th Annual Editors’ Day, the media was given
the chance to try out the Quad SLI systems that will soon be offered first by
the System Builders such as:

Alienware (US)
Atelco (Germany)
Biohazard (US)
Cyberpower (US)
Dell (US)
Falcon Northwest (US)
Hypersonic (US)
Hyrican (Germany)
iBuypower (US)
Komplett (Sweden)
Kraftway (Russia)
LCDC (France)
MCJ (Japan)
Multirama (Greece)
Overdrive PC (US)
Polywell (US)
Scan (UK)
Synnex-Mitac (Australia)
Thirdwave (Japan)
Velocity Micro (US)
Vicious PC (US)
Voodoo (US)

All 23 of them.

51  Up Close with Quad SLI!

A whole row of Quad SLI PCs for the press to drool over,
each one coupled with a 30″ Dell LCD Monitor

46  Up Close with Quad SLI!