Bandai Namco Games have recently unveiled more details about their new upcoming Gundam game for the PS3, Gundam Breaker. The game features a bizarre setting twist, because the mobile suits are actually the plastic models of their "real" counterparts.

Mobile Suit Gundam may be one of the most pervasive robot-themed franchises today, but its most iconic form is still the collectible "plamos" (plastic models) or "Gunpla" (Gundam plamos), which practically spawned an entirely new hobby genre. There is a certain high level of dedication to the hobby of collecting and building Gundam models, and Bandai Namco Games seems to be planning to take it a step further. Introducing Gundam Breaker, the upcoming PS3 game that pits your favorite mobile suit toy model in a battle between other plastic toy models.

While you may be used to piloting your Gundams and mobile suits in other Gundam games, this one does not take you to any world, realm or timeline of your favorite characters. Instead, it brings you to a world that is exclusively made for the plastic mobile suit models.

What's the difference you ask? Well, if Gunplas are concerned then we're talking about scales and grades. That's right, you may find your standard 1/144 scale model mobile suit fighting against a gigantic 1/60 scale model mobile suit on certain settings and play levels. Stages are also not limited to regular landscapes and urban areas, because they're plastic models right? So there's totally no problem with mobile suits fighting each other on, let's say, a casino table.

Additionally, winning against opponents would allow the player to obtain one or more plastic components that the defeated mobile suit model has. This allows the player to come up with any combination of parts and components from different models.

For now, only the basic gameplay and the main premise of the title are explained in the official website. There is also no confirmed release date either, but it is clearly stated that they plan to release the game sometime in 2013.

Source: 4Gamer (JP), Gundam Perfect Games (JP)