Angry Birds Mighty Eagle

An update for Angry Birds is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. And on top of that, the game developer Rovio has also announced the “Mighty Eagle” that comes with the update. The Mighty Eagle is an in-app one-time purchase that lets you skip a level to go to the next one.

An update for Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and aside from the usual bug fixes and more levels, it also comes with a new Golden Egg and the “Mighty Eagle”.

The Mighty Eagle is an in-app feature that lets you skip a level and unlock the next one, or even the ones you already have completed. You must be wondering why you would want to use the Mighty Eagle in levels that you have already completed (perhaps with the highest three-stars rating)? Well, it brings about new additional highscores, and also achievements, and it is not just for one-use only; it can be used repeatedly in any one level though it requires recharging.

From some sources, using the Eagle will not earn you any stars, but the destruction scoring is calculated in percentages. Getting 100% Total Destruction awards you with an eagle feather for that level, which means regardless of whichever level you may have gotten three-stars, you could aim for the 100% Total Destruction.

You will need to purchase the Mighty Eagle, which comes as a one-time purchase of US$0.99 though.

Source: Rovio