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USB Type-C connector under development; no wrong way up

The USB Implementers Forum announced on Wednesday that it is now implementing a solution to resolve the ancient malady of plugging in USB connectors the wrong way: the solution comes in the form of a new connector type, known only as ‘Type C’.


The problem: it’s infamously easy to plug in USB connectors the wrong way.

The solution: there is no wrong way.

The new C-type connector follows the example of Apple’s Lightning adapter, which is reversible, so that plugging it in upside down isn’t possible.

While USB remains an extremely popular way of getting two devices to talk with each other, the sheer quantity of USB connector types do pose a significant disadvantage, cluttering drawers with excess cables, and causing frustration when cables are incompatible with different devices.

There are currently no fewer than six USB connector types: type-A, type-B, mini-A, mini-B, and even micro-A, and micro-B.

A graphic of the connector has not been revealed yet, and the design will not be finalized until mid-2014.

Type-C connectors will serve as a “supplement to the USB 3.1 specification”, which will boost the speed of USB to 10 Gbps, and increase power output to 100 watts. While this is still slower than Intel’s competing Thunderbolt interface, the new changes will likely serve to make USB an even more appealing competitor.

The connector is ultimately meant to be used on both ends of USB cables, such that, once USB 3.1 and its new connector type are popular, USB connectors will be universally compatible.

And, yes – that means we will soon have kids trying to plug two computers or phones directly into each other. Hopefully this particular problem will also be remedied before half the planet’s computers short out.

Source: USB Promoter Group

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