No, this is not a joke. In fact, you can almost ignore all the information floating around the internet about Apple’s Magic Trackpad requiring a Mac, because someone has successfully managed to get the device working on a pure, Windows-based PC.

Read on for more information.

When it comes to desktop computing, the humble mouse has always reigned supreme. But that supremacy was rudely challenged when Apple unveiled its much-vaunted, multitouch-capable Magic Trackpad, which clearly possessed the potential to dethrone the mouse as the peripheral of choice for desktop computing navigation. Indeed, the idea of being able to perform various multitouch gestures like those found it smartphones does have its appeal.

Of course, it being an Apple product, Apple needed to keep the good stuff for its own platform. As a result, the Magic Trackpad will only run on a Mac with Bluetooth enabled. This has undoubtedly caused some issues for those who may want to purchase the Magic Trackpad for use on a PC. And while Apple does provide Windows drivers for the Magic Trackpad, they can only be installed on a Mac that has been Boot Camp-ed to run Windows: the installer will fail if it does not detect the presence of Boot Camp upon execution.

However, it seems that there exists a way to get the Magic Trackpad’s Boot Camp drivers installed onto a pure, Windows-powered PC. We will not go into the specifics of what is needed to get it done (you can get it from the Digital Inspiration site), but it involves downloading an executable file from Apple, extracting (not installing) the .exe and changing a file extension. But there’s a catch: the drivers provided by Apple will only enable basic two-finger gestures such as two-finger-scrolling or clicking, as shown in the screenshot of Apple’s support page:

In other words, you will not get the full multitouch support that the device is capable of on Windows, but at least you will have a lovely looking trackpad to accompany your PC. And that is better than nothing, right?

Source: Digital Inspiration