EE United Kingdom has revealed their findings under the ‘4GEE Mobile Living Index’ report. the most interesting of which states that the use of 4G saves up to an hour every day for a subset of Britishers.

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EE is the largest mobile telecommunications operator in the United Kingdom. Big-name telecom brands such as Orange and T-Mobile are part of EE UK, with around 30 million subscribers.

The company has analyzed how their customers have used mobile internet since the start of 2013. It has made for some genuinely interesting discoveries. At least 13% of EE’s customers have said that they get done with work early with 4G, leaving them with an extra free hour everyday. One in every ten customers said super-fast mobile internet made them twice as productive overall.

A press release on their official website states:

The benefits of being able to do more, faster are also clear. 60% of customers say they save time with 4G, with 13% gaining an hour’s leisure time. 77% of customers say they work more efficiently on their 4G devices.

ee uk 4g saves time productivity

Yes, the report may indeed be biased, as it is in EE UK’s interests to paint a pretty picture of a service they provide. However, it isn’t difficult to understand the positive effects of 4G on everyone’s daily lifestyle. 4G is indeed several times faster than the average home internet connection, and so every internet-reliant task – particularly downloading of bigger files – is quicker to finish as a result. It allows you to accomplish more in less time.

Has 4G LTE changed how you use the internet?

Source: EE UK