Fish is typically used by Microsoft for beta stage of product development

There is no doubt about it – there is a new public version of Windows 8 coming in the matter of weeks, if not days. The company is adjusting its own services to accommodate for the consumer attack.

While there are numerous screenshots leaking from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8220 showing things such as removed the Start Orb, there is much more important information at play. From the looks of it, Microsoft is in the final stages of preparing for a public release, since the company just adopted Bing Search engine interface for the Internet Explorer 10.

While the links to the features are unfortunately not live, the user interface certainly is.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this is how Bing looks if you have Windows 8. We have checked the link and it works in Windows 7 and different browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Do you want to see Bing like you're using Windows 8 operating system: just copy & paste this link: