Valve has reached a milestone with its digital PC gaming network Steam, reporting that there are now 65 million registered users playing games across its ever-growing library of titles.


The company announced its new impressive user figures this afternoon, detailing a 30% increase–that consists of 15 million accounts–in a span of 12 months. Steam’s expansive digital populace rivals that of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service, which has 48 million gamers, but still falls short of the 110 million users of Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Coupled with the growth of its digital catalogs as well as the service’s well-known penchant for penny-saving deals, Steam has risen to become the premiere service for digital PC gaming, offering unique community-driven efforts like the communal Indie offerings on Steam Greenlight as well as user-created mods via the Workshop.

Now that Valve has dominated the PC sector, it has since announced that it intends to vie for control of our living rooms with its Steam Machine micro-console.


The unique and innovative mini-console streams gaming content from a PC to an HDTV, bringing PC gaming to the living room without having to move a bulk computer tower, and is powered by a Linux-based environment called Steam OS.

As PC gaming continues to evolve as a whole one can only forsee Steam growing more and more, with a multitude of users taking advantage of its amazing frequent sales while taking part in its engaging and active communities. With the advent of the upcoming Steam Machine micro-console and its eye-catching peripheral the Steam Controller, Valve will no-doubt raise its active user-base to new heights.

Via Engadget