Remember when they just made video games?


Today, Valve broke news of their next big project. The makers of Half-Life are going to release their own linux based operating system. Dubbed ‘SteamOS’, the system will allow gamers to stream all of their Steam games from their computers to their TV screens. If that doesn’t have you excited yet, then here’s another noteworthy point: it’s going to be free.

Valve has been making a big push from the PC towards the living room lately. The first step in that direction was the ‘Big Picture’ mode included in the Steam client. That setup required an HDMI cable connected from the gaming machine to the TV. However, with ‘SteamOS’, Valve is looking to make it easier than ever to set up Steam in your living room. The system works by streaming over the home network straight to the TV.

But ‘SteamOS’ is not just going to be a wireless version of ‘Big Picture’ mode. There are new features like sharing games with your family members and music and video services. For the full announcement, take a look here.

Earlier this week, Valve had teased three major announcements. Now that the reveal of ‘SteamOS’ is out of the way, we can brace ourselves for what else they have up their sleeves. Don’t hold your breath for Half-Life 3 though.

Source: Eurogamer