As said previously, the Volume control knob and Bass level
control knob lies on the front panel. You can turn the Bass On/Off, and the
EQ mode, and on top of these, the 3D stereo effect. Right next to these knobs
is the Headphone jack should you wish to plug in a set of heaphones to listen
to your music in prvate.

The light panel shows your selection of the EQ Mode, which
you can select the audio environment to be Flat, Rock, Pop, Classic
or Jazz.
Right to the left of this is the Fan Speed control adjustment
knob so you can actually tune up or down the cooling fan on this Piano.

On the far left you get your 3 USB 2.0 ports as stated earlier
this serves as a hub as well.

Looks very slick doesn’t it? Pretty much like a classical piano.

The left and right speakers flip out and up and you can place
your Notebook right smack in the center. This reminds me of some of the Transformers
Toys I played with when I was young.

As said, these speakers can be turned outwards or inwards and
flipped upwards or downwards. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get them to slant to
one side for a wider projection.

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