Back of the Piano lies the Power connector, USB Connector,
and the audio-in jack. So basically, you lay your Notebook on this Piano, hook
up the power adapter, plug in the Audio cable from your Notebook to the Piano
and you’re all set! Plug in the USB connector from Notebook to Piano if you
need to use the USB ports on this.

Flippin’ her over, you see the fan exhaust below. You see,
the center 80mm fan sucks in the warm air from the Notebook placed on top of
the Piano, and expels it through the vents on the bottom. The good thing is
that you don’t have warm air rushing out from the sides.

The cushion feet to dampen any noise and also, lifts the Piano
up a notch so that the warm air can escape from below.


Let’s take a look at the bundled acessories.

You’ve got your Power Adapter, Audio and USB Cables, and the
User Manual. Ignore the CD, it’s just additional information for my reviewing…