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Verizon introduces new pre-paid plan

For those who aren't too fond of smartphones, Verizon has introduced a new basic pre-paid plan which gives you a pretty decent deal for $35

Remember these things? There's still a plan out there for those who do.

Are you one of those people who aren't tech-savvy? Perhaps you're Jason Bourne, and you don't really have time to watch YouTube and play Angry Birds between your cat-and-mouse calls to the CIA? Well, if that is the case, chances are you don't really need a fully-shared data integrated plan from you mobile phone carrier. Over the past few years, those plans have, however, become more and more common, phasing out the older, more bare bones call plans. There is good reason for this of course, as the number of people who use ”traditional” mobile phones has dwindled.


Verizon hasn't entirely given up on those who ”just want to make phone calls”, because they've introduced a new $35 prepaid plan that can go along with the company's $50 all-you-can-have offering. The new Basic Plan will offer you 500 minutes of talk time (no mobile-to-mobile minutes though, sadly) and unlimited mobile data and text messaging. If you're in the business of saving cash, or if you're a hipster who likes it vintage, this might just be for you.

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