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Verizon Representatives Avoiding iPhone

Messaging boards and a test by CNNMoney show that lately, Verizon has been directing customers to 4G Android phones over the Apple iPhone 4S.

Of late, messaging boards and a test by CNNMoney show that Verizon has been directing customers to 4G Android phones over the iPhone 4S.

An overwhelming number of people on forums and other outlets, have reported that Verizon associates will not recommend that they purchase an iPhone. This is always because Verizon iPhones are not compatible with 4G.

CNNMoney’s  David Goldman did a test to see whether this was true, contacting Verizon representatives on the phone and over the internet.

“The iPhone is a great phone, but it's on 3G,” said a Verizon Wireless store representative from New York City, “I'm not going to recommend a phone that's outdated.”

Another representative explained that there isn’t anything wrong with the iPhone.  He went on to say that “It just costs the company a lot of money for returns when customers find out that a faster 4G network is available and the iPhone's only on 3G.”

When recommending smartphones, Verizon representatives have tended to point customers to 4G Android phones, such as the Droid Razr and LG Lucid.

It is relevant to note that Verizon, along with other iPhone carriers, end up paying much higher subsidies up front for the iPhone than for other smartphones. It is possible that Verizon is trying to reduce its iPhone sales for this reason. Also, they may want to reduce the load on their 3G network, and funnel more customers into their newer, larger and more stable 4G network.

Asked whether or not sales representatives were being told to avoid the iPhone, Verizon spokesman Tom Pica did not directly answer the question, explaining that Verizon does try to help their customers better understand what products to buy.

Source: CNN

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