ABIT KV7 Board Features

The package comes
with the drivers CD, the user manual, a quick
installation guide, I/O shield, IDE, floppy and
SATA cables.

This is the slimmest
board among the KT600 boards reviewed, measuring
only xxx cm wide. The end result is a board that
looks a little cramped but I did not encounter any
space constraint issues so it is quite an
applaudable design from Abit.

No external thermal
probe seen here so the board should be reading
temperature from the CPU die. There are the 4
mounting holes around the socket.

A fan for the heatsink
on the Northbridge seems to be the norm for ABIT
boards nowadays and the KV7 is no exception.
However, I do find the mini-orb heat sinks ABIT
use to be a little low in surface area.

The VT8237 Southbridge
which we will be seeing a lot of throughout the

The I/O ports seen here,
S/PDIF output,
firewire ports, USB ports and the LAN port. Take note that there
is only 1 Serial port on this board.