ASUS A7V600 Board Features

Package VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

The basic essentials
in the package given includes user’s manual, IDE
and FDD cables, I/O shield, 2-port USB 2.0 cable
and 2 Serial ATA cables.

Board VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

Here is the Asus
A7V600. The lay out is pretty much standard with
the Mosfets right behind the parallel ports. The
Dimm slots are very close to the AGP slot and
this may cause some inconvenience as you would
need to remove the AGP card before you can
install/uninstall ram modules.

Socket VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

No external thermal
probe visible here so it should be safe to
conclude that the board reads the CPU on die
sensor. The socket mounting holes are available
on this board.

NB VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

Asus used a nice
little passive heatsink on its Northbridge,
which does get rather warm after some time of
running. If you are intending to max out the
FSB, it would be helpful to have a fan here, or
at least some decent airflow over the heatsink.
The Via VT8237 Southbridge already mentioned in
the Introduction.

SB VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

Clockgen VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

Audio VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

RAID VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

It does get quite
warm as well, not surprising with so many
integrated features on it. The 3Com 3C940 1000
Mbps Ethernet controller…

Multi IO VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

The standard stuff here, with the
golden S/PDIF output. Take note that there is only 1 Serial port
on this board.