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VIA PT880 Pro, PT894, PT894 Pro Chipset Preview

Today we’re bringing you a preview of three new Pentium 4 chipsets from VIA, the PT880 Pro, the PT894, and the PT894 Pro. Do these brand new chipsets have what it takes to dethrone Intel’s 915 and 925 motherboards?


Today VIA is announcing three new Pentium 4 motherboard chipsets, the VIA PT880 Pro, PT894, and PT894 Pro. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at these three chipsets, and what they will have in store for us, as computer enthusiasts.

These three PCI Express based chipsets now join VIA’s fairly successful Intel platform product family, becoming the first VIA chipsets to support the new LGA-775 socket, DDR2, and PCI Express.

The PT Series launch is introducing three new chipsets, witch each chipset targeting a separate market segment within the motherboard industry. The PT880 Pro is a derivative of the PT800, VIA’s Pentium 4 AGP part, and is targeting the value performance segment. The VIA PT894 is VIA’s mainstream Pentium 4 offering, and is targeting the Intel 915 chipsets. And finally the VIA PT894 is VIA’s flagship chipset, targeting the 925XE and future flagship models from NVIDIA and ATI. It’s also important to note that all three of VIA’s new PT chipsets support the new 1066MHz front side bus, the bus speed the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition is currently at and the one the Pentium 4 will transition to later in 2005.

The new PT Series of chipsets support a few proprietary technologies we’ll be taking a closer look at today, including DualGFX, Vinyl Audio, StepUP, and DriveStation.


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