We’ll first be taking a look at VIA’s new PT880 Pro chipset, which is designed to be a transitional chipset for those in between the AGP/PCIe and DDR/DDR2 gaps. Reference design allows for all four technologies to be implemented on the same board, but it’s up to the motherboard manufacturers to chose if they want to include all four in their retail products.

The picture above shows the PT880 Pro’s place in VIA’s motherboard roadmap, the value performance segment, a segment where boards typical cost less than $ 100.

As you can see from the diagram above, the PT880 Pro really is what we like to call a “transitional” chipset. VIA predicts that DDR2 667 won’t drop down to DDR 400 prices until Q1 of 2006, so until prices of DDR2 get cheaper, the PT800 Pro will be a top choice for budget-oriented consumers and value market OEM’s.