A video game art exhibit from the Smithsonian American Art Museum is traveling to Seattle, where it will make an appearance in February, highlighting art in games over the past 40 years.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has been hosting an exhibition on the Art of Video Games, and this exhibit is now going to have a showing at Seattle's EMP Museum between February 15 and May 12 of next year.


The exhibit showcases art in videogame and demonstrates the evolution of art within the medium, and will have 80 games from 20 consoles on exhibit, all of which have been carefully selected to demonstrate storytelling, interactivity and art. The exhibit begins with early classics, such as Pac-man, and then moves up through artistic milestones within gaming, such as the Secret of Monkey Island and ending in modern examples such as Flower.




The exhibit will consist of videos and interviews, images and screenshots, as well as some playable games.