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Video Reveals How to Enable Hidden, DLC-only Character in Mass Effect 3

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Recently, producers of Mass Effect 3 gave out statements that it is not true that they’ve deliberately disabled a “DLC-only” character inside the game. A short video debunked those defensive claims…again.

Without any doubt, Mass Effect 3 is one of most controversial games that came out in the past couple of years. This is not due to the content which is inside the game which would cause mainstream media to spasm – but rather due to the content which was deliberately left out.

The decision to make a key character in the game accessible as a DLC-only (DownLoadable Content) caused quite a backlash and even a boycott from several reputable gaming journalists and media. Additional issues for BioWare and EA were premature ejaculation i.e. publication of SDPS i.e. "Standard Defensive PR Statements" where game producers claimed that character was a part of DLC pack and is not located on the DVD.

Unfortunately for BioWare's credibility and EA as a publisher, that too turned to be untrue. In a simple one minute video, an angry gamer showed how to enable the character. Thus, if you have a PC, you're all good. If you have a console – tough luck.

Instructions for those that are too unpatient to watch the video:

  1. Open Coalesced.bin with this http://wenchy.net/me3-coalesced-utility
  2. Search for this: MemberValidCID=22, MemberAvailablePlotLabel=IsSelectableProthean,
  3. Replace with this: MemberValidCID=, MemberAvailablePlotLabel=,
  4. That's it. Javik the Prothean is now unlocked. "From Ashes" not required.

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