The Visiontek 9600 256Mb wears the classic red ATI flavored PCB
and surprisingly uses an active cooling solution to keep the 9600 GPU cool.

Since the card is not aimed at the enthusiast markets, Visiontek
did not include ramsinks to help keep the card’s memory cool during overclocking.
This is an interesting omission since the reference samples of the Radeon 9600
256Mb graphics card include passive cooling on the GPU, making it almost seem
that Visiontek is almost encouraging overclocking of the GPU while neglecting
overclocking of the card’s memory.


Here we have a closer look at the card’s modest heatsink fan,
and although modest, very efficient at cooling the 9600 GPU as we’ll see later
in the review.


The Visiontek 9600 256Mb uses Samsung K4D551638D-TC40 memory chips,
each weighing in at 32Mb for a combined 256Mb of total onboard memory.


And finally we can see the VGA, S-Video, and DVI outputs the Visiontek
9600 256Mb features.