The Visiontek Radeon 9800 Pro card
really is about as "reference" as it gets,
using an ATi branded sticker on the card’s heatsink
fan. However, if you look back at previous cards
from Visiontek’s Nvidia days, you’ll see that all
their cards were essentially identical to the reference
samples created by Nvidia.

As we turn the card around you can
of course see the additional four K4D26323RA-GC2A
Samsung BGA memory chips, running at 340Mhz.

Here we take a closer look at the
Visiontek Radeon 9800 Pro’s heatsink fan, which
is of course identical to the ATi reference fan.

As with every Radeon 9800 Pro card
out, the Visiontek Radeon 9800 Pro needs more power
than the AGP slot can provide, hence the 4 pin Molex
power connector on the back of the card.

And finally the Visiontek Radeon 9800
Pro has the standard VGA, S-Video, and DVI inputs
for just about any kind of display around.