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Voltage modding the Asus 6200 PCI Express

Make your Asus 6200 PCI Express overclock higher with some voltage modding tips from our forum member soki!


Let’s give your Asus 6200 PCI Express card some voltage increase to boost the
overclockability shall we? Our forum member soki shares his voltage modding
experience with us!

First, let’s take a look at where to measure the voltages of the Asus 6200
PCI Express. The measuring points are located at the back of the card:

You can see the spots to measure GPU and Memory voltages respectively. Put
the red tip of your multimeter to the measuring point and the black tip to any
grounded spot to measure voltages while the PC is running. The default VGPU is
around 1.34 v and the default Vmem is around 2.49v.

The area circled is the VGPU mod area, lets take a closeup look.

Focus on the lower RT9214 chip. Connect a 50Kohms variable resistor from pin
6 to pin 3 of the chip as shown. Set the 50K ohms VR at maximum resistance of
50K ohms, tune down resistance to increase voltage.


For Vmem mod area look at the front of the card:

Focus on the circled area:


As seen, connect a 50K ohms variable resistor between pin 13 and pin 11. Set
50K ohms VR at maximum resistance of 50K ohms. Tune down to increase voltage.
Alternatively, you can connect the VR between pin 13 and any ground. Go slow and
careful on this as memory voltage mods on DDR memory can be a little bit more

And the results are very impressive, the GPU overclock raised from 520Mhz to
560Mhz, and the memory overclock raised from 620Mhz to 655Mhz. GPU voltage is at
1.43v and Memory voltage is at 2.65v. All these with default cooler. Here are
the results:

Good luck with the Voltage Mods. We thank soki for his contribution and
sharing! All credits go to him!


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