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Voltage Modification For Inno3D 7600GS (P345 PCB)

Booting up sucessfully, we went on to experiment with the voltages.

Due to the increased heat produced, the original HSF was dumped for a beefier copper HSF, the Zalman VF700Cu. We are having a promotion on it (alongside higher and lower end models) for our forummers so do check it out here.

First, we tweaked the Vgpu from 1.1V to 1.8V and saw a massive clock increase from 470MHz to 720MHz. That is a massive 80% overclock over the 400MHz original!

Again we would like to emphasise that proper cooling is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for running at such high a Vgpu.

Hynix’s datasheet stated a maximal Vgddr2 of 2.1V, so we raised it from the original 1.8V to the 2.1V region. Playing around, the stablest Vgddr2 was between 2.00V and 2.05V. At this voltage, the memory only went an extra 5MHz (10MHz effective). That put our memory clocks at 470MHz.

Our clockspeeds, set via ATiTool 0.25 Beta 14.

To test for stability, 4 instances of Real Time HDR IBL was run at the 1.8/2.05V and 720/470MHz settings for 5 hours straight. I then went on and launch Unreal Tournament 2004 for a couple of hours of fragging fun (editor! I ain’t skiving!).

We gave 3DMark03 a spin on the 7600GS too, and saw for ourselves the beauty of increased fillrate abilities. Mother Nature hopped-up by ~20FPS and we had our Smooth Turtle!

These 7600GS sure are a hell lot of fun to play with and at slightly over SGD200 (USD100) a pop, it doesn’t hurt the shallow wallets too.

Happy Clocking! 😀

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