And the winner is…

For the closed category, Robotech emerges second
place, just 2 points short from the first place.

The prize presenter is the Center-Manager of Funan IT Mall,
Mrs Natalie. Here is a picture of his extremely air-cooled



The Champion for the closed category is the buddy team of K.K.
and Iverson Garnett!

Here is a close-up of their system, consisting of an
Intel P4 3.0E
on the Abit AA8XE and Inno3D
6600 GT



In the open ambient-cooling category, Ristar
comes in third place.

He is on an air-cooled Dothan coupled with an Inno3D
6800 GT



Trailing just 1 point behind the Champion, we have Prodigy
with his water-cooled AMD Winchester on the MSI S939 board
with a X800 XT PE. His Winchester was very generously loaned from HTKM1,
his direct competitor due to the untimely death of his CPU. Huge respect to
HTKM1 for his sportsmanship!



And the winner for the open ambient-cooling category is….
HTKM1!! And rightfully so for all the sportsmanship displayed
by this bad@ss over-clocker!

Here you see his water-cooled AMD Winchester
on MSI NForce 3 with a X800 Pro@XT PE.



On the open Sub-zero cooling front, we have dfx
and Pheng Lee stealing the show with their Vapochill LS cooled
FX 53 and water-cooled X800 Pro @ XT PE.



And we have a prize just for the most interesting-looking system!
It goes to none other than Stratix and his Giant fan cooler!



And a group picture of all the contestants with their prizes:


Visionary and 2 of our special guests, Miss Carmen
of Convergent Systems and Miss Maggie of Abit
all the way from Taiwan!


Personally, the whole event turned out most wonderfully due
to all the people involved and the spirit they carried. Contestants were seen
helping out each other, exchanging tips and even hardware. Worth mentioning
was the generous act of HTKM1 lending Prodigy
his only backup CPU, and our helpful Josh sacrificing his own
benchmark time to help Lancer with his hardware problems. And
it is just so exciting seeing contestants push hardware to the limit, penciling
resistors in between benches just to squeeze out that extra Mhz. Well done gentlemen!

Finally, the picture of the whole loon squad!