On the afternoon of day one itself, while one side of the camp
was busy fiddling with overclocking, the other side get started on a LONG gaming

One of the main highlights on the gaming frontier was the “Challenge
the WarCraft Champion” segment. We had our local WarCraft 3 World Cyber
Games Champion down to strut his stuff and challengers were qeueing to meet
and challenge the Champ. Finally, a very skillful and lucky challenger managed
to outwit our Champ in a match and walked away with some attractive prizes.



The gamers setting up their own computers on the other side
of Funan IT Mall.


Night falls and gamers get into the mood…


Quite a few of the overclockers jumped over to the gaming camp
after a long day of overclocking!



On the second day we had some fun games on the stage for the
gamers and onlookers.

Jig-saw puzzle anyone?



A treasure-hunt contest in Funan IT Mall itself:


And the winner has to….. break his video card with a sledge

But he gets to walk away with a Palit 6600 GT!


We also have a PC clinic corner throughout all 3 days of the
event, manned by VR-Zone’s doctor, Floppy!



Some pictures of the pretty-looking PCs of the gamers:



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