Asus didn’t just send us one or two cards, instead, we’ve got a total of 5 cards from them! Apart from the TOP overclocked edition GTS, Asus also sent us a couple of their reference cards with their customed cooler and their Silent edition cards fitted with gigantic passive heatsinks. For this review, we will be benchmarking the GTS TOP edition and the GT SILENT edition.

8600GT Silent Box

The 8600GT Silent Card


8600GTS Silent Box, similar design to the GT

Similar heatsink as the 8600GT, except for an extra heatpipe with a massive heatsink sticking out of the card. The 8600GTS weighs almost twice as heavy as the GT and might pose a problem to some smaller cases due to the massive heatsink sticking out of the card.

A closer look at the heatsink.