Resistance is futile – VR-Zone is aggressively expanding in 2011 and we would like to hire adept ad-hoc/intern/part-time/full-time individuals to fill certain creative media and administrative positions, probably the likes of you! 

Read on to find out more.

VR-Zone is aggressively expanding in 2011 and we would like to hire adept ad-hoc/intern/part-time/full-time individuals to fill the following positions:

Job type 1 – Journalists/Writers/Researchers

-         Specialist Areas:

 Computer Hardware

·        Motherboards, CPUs, Graphic Cards, SSDs…

 Consumer Electronics

·        Smart Phones, Tablets, Media Players…

 Gaming and Entertainment

·        PC & Console FPS/RTS/MMO/RPG/Sports…

 Science and Technology

·        Inventions that will change the world

-         You will be sourcing for interesting
news/trends/leaks around the web, liaise with and interview industry bigwigs and whistleblowers,
and cover a variety of local and international events like Singapore IT Shows and COMPUTEX Taiwan. 

-         Vacancies: many.


Job type 2 – VR-Zone Community Manager

-         You will be interacting with and organizing the
VRZ community, deal with errant members with your banhammer, stimulate discussions, mediate
disputes, highlight technical issues and moderate trading activities.

-         Vacancies: 1 very able person.


Other Job Functions

-         If you think your skill set would be a valuable
asset to us, do give us a chance to consider you!

Job Requirements:

-         Singapore and International Applicants of all ages,
sex, ethnicities, education levels

-         Fluent written English is a must (additional regional
language proficiency in Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia will command a

-         Understands and appreciates the job scope

-         Able to work in a team/reasonable timeframes

-         Basic Photographic skills

-         Generally Reliable, Self-Motivated and have strong Moral


What your Self-Introduction/Resume should contain:

-         Your real name/recent photo/nationality/age/sex/language proficiency

-         Working email address/contact number

-         Your VRForums nick (if applicable)

-         Some background of your life thus far (jobs held,
interests, current situation)

-         The position you would like to apply for

-         Some original samples of work relevant to the
position you are applying for

-         Expected Remuneration


Send in your
resumes to
Shortlisted candidates will be spirited away in the middle of the night (just kidding, we’ll email/phone you :P ).

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