Coming in from the light-weight category, we have Elladan and
his team mate Papmech

A look at their setup:

A bunch of powerful fans indeed… almost as though the whole setup came under
a Delta ambush! Interesting to see that they chose to use the stock heatsink
for the graphics card but added a strong fan on it.

Next we have the team of electronic enthusiast Yantronic, and
the VR-Zone Youth Team Captain Bliondi!

Their setup is characterized by CCFLs.. and of course lots of
strong fans!

I love that huge fan over the CPU!

Next, we have the young team of the famous Lulu and Gongkia2000:

Another Delta fan infested setup!


The more matured team of Gollum and Krado!

As usual, Krado was there with his uber bigg fan:

An old school Senfu rack to house the setup.