The second way is to splice a molex connector to connect to these wires.
I actually prefer this method as I don’t like the idea of the slots pulling
power from the board but prefer them to pull directly from the power supply.
Take Note that this method may void the warranty of your power supply as well.

Same as the first step of method 1, solder thick wires to each of the pin.


Make sure your wires are of a certain length so that they can run out from
the board like this:

Above you see both PCI Express slots being modded, on
the DFI nF4 SLI Expert


I would suggest using the color codes of orange for the +3.3v wire, yellow
for the +12v wire and black for the ground wire. Next, find a spare unused
SATA power connector of your power supply.

As seen above, the orange wire supplies +3.3v, the yellow wire +12v and the
black is a ground wire. You can use a SATA connector to extend this cable
from your power supply and mod the extension itself, so that the warranty
on the power supply is not void. However, I simply cut off this head off to
access the wires.


Now, the obvious final step is to connect the orange wire to the +3.3v wire
from the board, the yellow to the +12v, and any of the black to the ground
wire. I purchased a pack of bare molex set to complete the connection.

I spliced the wires into the molex and hook them up:

A Dual PCI Express slot mod on my main benchmark system

This mod may or may not help you in overclocking your video cards, depending
on what bottleneck you may be facing, heat, voltage, etc. But once done, you
have one less issue to worry about!

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