When the side panel is taken off we can see the interior of the ATC-201 case, complete with a removable motherboard tray and all aluminum interior. Notice the completely rounded cables throughout the entire case, Wahoo rounded every cable by hand to make the interior neater and more presentable.

Here we can see the three custom built switches that control the case’s interior lighting.

The case comes standard with two 80mm Cooler Master intake fans, and even the power cables on the two intake fans are rounded.

Pictured above is the ATC-201’s back panel exhaust fan, also with it’s own rounded power cable.

And now onto the case’s power supply, a work of art all in itself. Wahoo individually rounded every cable in the PSU just like it did with every cable inside the modded ATC-201.

Here we can see another picture of the PSU, this time with the cables of the unit showing. Notice that every power header on the PSU has also been customized, with Wahoo getting rid of the standard white connectors and putting in custom black ones on the unit.

And finally we can see the Wahoo Computer’s case badge on the case’s back panel.