After attending Quakecon earlier this year, I was surprised and enlightened by the passion and dedication the gamers in the BYOC had to their computer cases. For many enthusiasts, their PC is an expression of themselves, and a growing number of people are going out and putting time and effort into their computer’s look and appearance, a trend that in no way seems to be slowing down. And today we were able to take a closer look at the pinnacle of computer customization and modification, Wahoo Computer’s custom Cooler Master ATC-201 modification.

The paint job draws you in, but Wahoo’s strict attention to detail is unlike any I have ever seen. Every cable inside the case, and even on the power supply is rounded by hand; even the power connectors have been customized on the case. The interior of the case has three lighting switches that allow for manual control of your case lighting, and every device on the front panel is also painted to match Wahoo’s exceptional case artwork. The dragon on the case’s rear side panel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on a computer case before, probably one of the best looking paint jobs on a computer case, ever.

The side panel window is laser cut, and unique additions like top panel handles go along way, especially when lugging your computer case to and from LAN parties. I think that pictures we took of the case say more words than I could ever write about the ATC-201 mod that Wahoo did, and after using the case for a couple of weeks it’s evident that Wahoo Computers is the only company to go to if you’re serious about getting the one of a kind, ultimate case mod you’ve been dreaming of.

For more information, check out Wahoo Computer’s website at

Wahoo Computer’s custom Cooler Master ATC-201 modification deserves nothing

less than our highest award, the VR-Zone Editors Choice Platinum Award!