The latest Android 4.4 software update is now available for both Nexus tablets.


The official KitKat update has started to roll out for WiFi-only models of the 2012 as well as 2013 Nexus 7 along with the aging Nexus 10. However, users of the 3G-enabled version of the Nexus 7 will have to wait a little for the update, according to tweets posted by the official Android account on Twitter.

The announcement comes roughly two weeks after KitKat was officially revealed, showing off a plethora of new features that Android users surely cannot wait to get their hands on. Some of these features include the brand new Google Experience launcher, a better Hangouts app with SMS integration, enhanced Google Now features, a new more intelligent dialer in the Phone app and support for screen recording, amongst others.

Google will slowly roll out Android 4.4 over the next few days and weeks, so be sure to keep checking under Settings > About > Software Update from your Nexus tablet.

Source: @Android