If you’re looking for a rock bottom deal on the new 7600GT, here’s another
card. The Inno3D Geforce 7600GT is yet another card that hit Singapore
this week, but the way it distinguishes itself the the rest is simple – it’s the
cheapest of the lot. We’ve spotted this card at Inno3D’s distributor, MCP
, located in Sim Lim Square itself. This card doesn’t come with
anything fanciful due to it’s low price. Some enthusiasts won’t mind if there
isn’t a top notch game included – this card is made for you. There’s a Mass
going on in our
forums, with the
price listed at just $ 338. Drop a post there if you’re interested in this new
cheap card.


inno3d 7600gt Walkabout in SLS (18 3 2006)

The Inno3D Geforce 7600GT in their standard generic packaging.
As said, nothing fanciful should be expected.


inno3d 7600gt2 Walkabout in SLS (18 3 2006)

This is how the Inno3D Geforce 7600GT looks like. Like the
rest of the card we’ve seen, this is yet another NVIDIA reference designed card.


inno3d 7600gt4 Walkabout in SLS (18 3 2006)

Likewise, the cooling department is no difference from the
rest. Similar copper folded fins makes up the heatsink on the card.


inno3d 7600gt5 Walkabout in SLS (18 3 2006)

Being no different from the rest of the crowd, this card comes
with Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3 memory as well.


inno3d 7600gt6 Walkabout in SLS (18 3 2006)

The outputs on the card still the usual dual DVI plus standard
TV Out.


inno3d 7600gt7 Walkabout in SLS (18 3 2006)

The back of the card looks no different from the rest. If not
for the sticker identifying it’s make, there’s no way to differentiate which
brand this card is.