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The Walking Dead coming to OUYA Android console later this year

Developers might be doubting how successful the OUYA can be, but that isn’t deterring Telltale Games from bringing its acclaimed series, The Walking Dead, to the Android-powered console.


The Walking Dead is one of the most critically acclaimed series of games on iOS, consoles and PC, and by the end of this year, it will be arriving on the OUYA, the $99 Kickstarter-backed Android console that quickly sold out upon launch. Telltale Games has confirmed the news on its blog, saying that the entire first season and the 400 Days DLC will be made available on the OUYA, and also Season 2 at some point.

For those who’ve somehow not heard of (or worse, played) The Walking Dead, it’s an episodic game series in which you play as a convict in a world where zombies have taken over, causing the few humans left trying to survive any way they can. The gameplay consists mostly of point-and-click actions, but the story, characters (which are in no way related to the characters on the Walking Dead TV show) and voice acting are what made the series so popular, and also the tough and often emotionally impacting decisions that must be made along the way.

The Walking Dead will be a huge addition to the OUYA’s games lineup, but if you’re hoping to see the games on the Play Store, you’ll probably be disappointed. Telltale has cited piracy and the diversity of hardware (most of which is on the low and mid-range spectrum) on Android as an obstacle in the past (obstacles which the OUYA won’t present), so it will most likely take a while before the developer changes its stance on the matter (though it will be a great day for Android gaming when they do).

Players will be able to play the first episode of the game for free, after which they can decide if they wish to continue with the rest of the story. There’s no confirmed release date or pricing at this point, but those details should be revealed in due time.

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