The second season of acclaimed adventure game The Walking Dead will be launching before Christmas, according to a FAQ on the developer’s website.


A specific launch date isn’t mentioned, but the first episode of the second season should arrive sometime before Christmas, with the four subsequent episodes to be released four to six weeks apart, as is the tradition with Telltale’s episodic games. Initial launch will be on PC, Mac, iOS, and the OUYA Android console. Whether the game will finally be available on Android phones and tablets isn’t mentioned, but the FAQ does mention that other platforms might be announced in the future, though those might not be anything but the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation.

The second season of The Walking Dead is expected to feature all-new characters, with Clementine, one of the lead characters from season one returning as the protagonist and main player character (along with surviving characters Omid and Christa, and likely might some of the characters from the 400 Days DLC.) Telltale hasn’t hinted at what the story and plot will entail, though we can expect the game to be as serious and harsh in emotional tone as the first one, along with tough choices that affect how the story plays out.

The Walking Dead Season Two is available for pre-order at the source link for $22.49, a price that includes all five episodes and the Collector’s Edition DVD, with the latter set to release sometime after the final episode.


Source: Telltale