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Walmart to receive ‘largest PS4 shipment ever’ this weekend

Walmart has announced that they will be receiving a massive shipment of PlayStation 4’s this weekend, opening new opportunities for shoppers to nab Sony’s next-gen console for the holidays.

Amazon PS 4

Shoppers who have been trying to get their hands on a PlayStation 4 have no-doubt found the experience to be quite dismal, especially since the hot new console is sold out pretty much everywhere. Countless Sony fans across the globe are still without a PS4, and Sony is doing what it can to meed the exceedingly high demand, but even still stock at major retailers remains nil.

Walmart aims to change all that.

The price-slashing retailer has announced that they’ll be receiving a massive shipment of PlayStation 4’s, acting as a beacon of possibility for holiday shoppers and gamers alike. Walmart calls this the “largest shipment” of PS4’s so far, but no official stock figures have been given.

Sony PlayStation 4

The retailer plans to receive the huge influx of Sony-made consoles starting this weekend, and it’s believed that most stores across the country will be supplied. Walmart will begin selling PS4’s starting bright and early at 8am on Sunday, Dec.15, and you’d do well to expect quite a line at your local store.

Consumers will also be able to purchase a console online.

If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, be sure to call up your local Walmart to make sure they’ll be receiving stock, and make adequate preparations for a potential long wait. People might be camping outside of the store, and there will assuredly be a winding-long line of fellow PS4-buyers.

Additionally there might be a limit on how many PS4’s each shopper can purchase both in-store and online (perhaps one per customer). With any luck, this surge of consoles will ensure that boys and girls on Santa’s list can get their very own angular rhombus for Christmas.

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The Xbox One still remains sold out on Walmart’s website, and Microsoft has made the same commitments that Sony has in regards to replenishing stock across the globe.

Walmart isn’t the only retailer who’s received a bounty of next-gen consoles; Best Buy recently announced that stock had been replenished for Xbox One’s and PS4’s. The systems are probably all sold out by now as the news was revealed on Dec. 8, but we should see more announcements like these from retailers in the future.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for deals and announcements, and subscribe to the PS4 and Xbox One Reddit forums–the users are keen on finding and sharing this kind of news with one another.

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