Markus “Notch” Persson is in talks with Warner Bros. in launching a feature film based on Minecraft.


Minecraft, one of the bestselling indie games of all time, will soon be turned into a full-length feature film by Warner Bros. Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of the game, announced on Twitter that talks are undergoing with the studio in creating a full-length movie based on the game. Persson also said that he wanted to thwart potential leakers by leaking the news himself.

Deadline has more information regarding the movie, claiming that Warner Bros. bought the rights for the movie from Mojang AB and that it will be a live-action movie. Producer of the hugely successful The Lego Movie Roy Lee will be at the helm of this project as well. The Lego Movie is one of the biggest commercial hits of the year thus far, and has managed to accrue over $187 million in U.S. sales and an additional $93.5 million internationally. Warner Bros. is now considering a sequel to the movie that is set to debut in two years’ time.

The studio’s decision to make a feature film on Minecraft might turn out to be just as profitable, as the game was one of the most played titles last year. With sales of over 100 million, the game was also one of the best-selling last year. 2 Player Productions even made a documentary detailing the story of Mojang, which you can view below:

Source: Twitter