Warren Buffett, the famed investor, has decided to hop onto Twitter and is amassing 1,000 followers per minute.  The number of Twitter followers is minute compared to his fortune, but Twitter is gold for many celebrities and Buffett will do just fine chipping away at the Twitter mine.

In his first tweet (@WarrenBuffett), he announced his arrival: “Warren is in the house.”  Not surprisingly, this tweet alone garnered 26,000+ retweets.  As one follower puts it, “best first tweet by a gazillionaire. Ever.”

The 82-year-old billionaire followed up with a second tweet by saying: “Read my new essay on why women are the key to America’s prosperity.”  Some may have been interested in reading such an essay before Buffett got a Twitter handle, but surely after his arrival the essay must have been read to shreds by now.

Currently, he is not following anyone, but well-oiled organizations and individuals such as Bill Gates, Fortune Magazine and CNBC are anxiously waiting for the legendary money maker to spill some of his insights.

It will be interesting to see what Buffett intends to use his Twitter account for, and hopefully he'll provide us with on the dot insights as to what's going on in the economy and how we can all make an extra coin.