Naughty Dog shows off one of the most absurd endings for its zombie infested epic.


There are no two ways about it. The Last of Us is one of the hallmarks of storytelling in video games. Though it was a game about the zombie apocalypse, the thing that sticks with us is a tale about two people who came together when things were at their bleakest. The ending of the game is widely acclaimed for not following the cliches of its predecessors and bringing the story to a suitably morally grey conclusion. However, Naughty Dog didn’t just stumble upon the perfect ending on their first try.

Writer and director of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann, has previously spoken about what conclusions were considered before settling upon the final cut. Recently though, Naughty Dog released a video showing the game’s actors performing the final scene for yet another alternate ending, and well, it completely changes the tone of the game. That’s putting it rather mildly.

Take a look at the scene below. Be warned though. There are huge SPOILERS for The Last of Us in the video, so if you are one of the easygoing souls who has yet to finish the game, steer clear.

Source: Kotaku