Two skydiving planes collided mid-air, but miraculously, everyone onboard survived, and one of the planes was landed safely.


Two airplanes loaded with 11 people have collided mid-air above Superior, Wisconsin, but miraculously, everyone onboard the planes survived, largely because they were skydivers, already geared up with parachutes and ready to jump.

Helmet cams from several of the skydivers show one of the two prop planes gaining altitude and hitting the underside of the other plane. What followed was a fireball, and screams, as the passengers jumped, or were thrown clear of their planes. Once in the air, they not only had to contest with each other, tumbling out of formation in close proximity, but also the wreckage of the second plane, tumbling down beside them.

Miraculously, everyone survived – all skydivers managed to pull their parachutes and land safely, and the pilot of the wrecked plane survived as well, thanks to his emergency parachute. As if that wasn’t enough, the other pilot managed to land the remaining plane, despite damage to both the propeller and the wings.

One of the passengers, a 64-year-old named Mike Robinson, told NBC nightly news that “The outcome for us was as good as it could be.” He explained that the collision occurred as a result of a tracking dive, a maneuver in which the two planes follow each other closely during a jump. Check out the amazing video below:

Source: NBC